JMAC Links Your Japanese Office with Your Head Office

JMAC can be your liaison between the Head Office and local management in Japan.
It is frequently difficult and costly to recruit personnel who are proficient both in their craft and in English. This is no less true with regard to securing expert accounting services.

Because JMAC embodies both professional expertise and the necessary English communication skills, we can assist your company to establish and administer your business operations in Japan in an easy to manage, efficient and cost effective manner.

The JMAC Advantage

JMAC has international experience and expertise.

  • JMAC's managing partner has international and domestic expertise developed over more than 12 years as a Certified Public Accountant with the international accounting firm of KPMG Peat Marwick.
  • JMAC has many international clients from countries including U.S.A, U.K., Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and China.

JMAC offers:

  • High quality of service-Better service and value than the Big 5
    • Service with a personal touch.
    • Constant and reliable service-Low personnel turnover, so we know your needs
    • Same quality of service to all clients, large and small
  • English and Japanese communication and reporting
  • One stop Service-Let JMAC register your company. Outsource all your accounting and administrative services to JMAC.
  • Tax consultation-For example:
    • Advice on corporate structure issues in Japan, subsidiary or branch
    • Strategy for overcoming thin capitalization restriction
    • Transactions between head office and subsidiary in Japan-Royalties, management charges, etc.
    • Preparation of remuneration package for top management
    • Tax planning for annual closing
  • Network of professionals-Lawyers, consultants and executive recruiters

JMAC's fee

  • Much less costly than the big 5
  • Advance fee quotation-No surprise fees later on
  • Obtain significant cost savings by outsourcing to JMAC.

Do you still want to use the Big 5...................?

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